Affordable Music Entertainment for All Occasions
No more search engines needed. You found the
most affordable DJ in Lubbock, Texas right here.
I would like to thank everyone for coming to my website & encourage you to
browse the entire site and discover all that I have to offer. I feel that I provide
a service that is top notch
& at a better price than my competitors. I don't
have my name in the phone book because I see more return from my past
customers spreading the word about what I do as a DJ. I provide music
entertainment for all occasions
that is affordable for any budget.
I have played for a wide variety of events & a few examples are
below. I am not limited to these types of events!!!!!
Wedding Receptions
Junior High Dances
High School Proms
If you have ever been to a dance, party, wedding reception or class reunion,
can you remember the food that was served? What about the decorations?
When I think back to those events I remember the DJ. I remember what a
blast it was, or how I wish I had stayed home that night. My goal is to have
the dance floor full from the time I start until the last song is played. Let me
make a difference in how people remember your wedding, birthday,
graduation or back yard party.
(I am willing to travel!!!)
Notes from DJ TJ
Last website update:
January 26, 2013
Class Reunions
Birthday Parties
Corporate Parties
New Year's Eve
Graduation Parties
Pricing and Consultations
My pricing is the lowest in Lubbock and you get everything that the other
guys offer with a more personal touch.

Please call or email me today for a price quote and to schedule a
consultation. We can discuss what you expect and what I have to offer as a
professional DJ.
DJ with TJ

My Top Song Right Now

- I Will Wait:
Mumford & Sons

Daddies & Daughters:
Kevin Fowler
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Effective May 01, 2012, I have
raised my hourly rate to $150
per hour from the time I start
until the time I am booked to
shut down.

There is still no charge for
set-up time.